The Quick Guide to Ad Blockers

Are you tired of waiting for a website to load because of all the ads? Perhaps you often misclick due to a pop-up ad appearing while you scroll through the page. No matter the reason, many people view ads are annoying — and this is where ad blockers come in. What exactly are they? Find out below.

Identifying Ad Blockers

Simply put, an adblocker is an application designed to get rid of ads on websites. This can take the form of browser extensions or plugins. On mobile, there are apps promising to block apps on certain devices or operating systems. Likewise, there are websites that have a built-in ad-blocking feature.

Some remove all the advertising content while others only choose pop-up and banner ads — or even any part of a website that could affect the privacy of a user. After all, not everyone is comfortable with being tracked online. This is why some use a VPN to spoof location every time they access the Internet.

An ad blocker may simply remove the ad content and not replace it with anything. This can be bad for the website because it will look incomplete or disorganized. In fact, there are cases of erroneous links appearing where the ads originally were.

Ad Blocking Is a Double-Edged Sword

Ad blockers get rid of all the annoying ads and third-party scripts for you. This not only ensures your privacy but it also improves the loading time of webpages. And if you can view web content much faster than before, you can save on battery life.

But while it makes sense to want to have ad blockers, it’s not a good thing for everyone. For one, website administrators or owners suffer from having no ad revenue. Some people offer free quality content and services in exchange for ad clicks. But with more and more users installing ad blockers, they have to find another way to keep their site up.

Online news websites need ad revenue to stay afloat, especially if they don’t have any subscription plans to offer to readers. It can even be said that ad blockers negatively affects how the Internet works. People around the world benefit from free information in exchange for seeing ads online.

Thus, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of ad blockers. Not everyone deserves to have their web ads blocked, especially those individuals who are just starting out. While you can still use ad blockers to remove pop-up ads and trackers, try to whitelist the websites that need your support.